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Thread: System and dimmers unresponsive after alarm system(CC) was triggered

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    System and dimmers unresponsive after alarm system(CC) was triggered

    I don't have a lot of experience with alarm systems that use a CCO to trigger the Lutron system, but I think the only other system I programmed for this had the alarm go off and as planned, all the lights in the house went full bright with the outside lights blinking. We opted to not have flashing because we wanted the security cameras to have a clear view of the "burglars" which in this case was a housekeeper who punched in the wrong code by mistake.

    The problem was that after they punched in the correct code and the alarm was disarmed, Some lights stayed on and you could not turn them off even at the dimmer level. I would turn it off and it wouldn't do anything. I would pull out the tab and it would turn off but then shoot back up after a few seconds of reconnecting to the system. The lights which were turned off would also not turn back on again and would just turn off. I wanted to see if this was anything the homeowner could fix on their own first before doing hard resets:

    1. Customer Power Cycled the Main Repeater. It did nothing so I went there in person.
    2. I tried to power cycle the dimmers as mentioned above, but they'd go back to being "locked"
    3. I went to the equipment room and saw that the red LED on FULL/Flash on the Visor controls was still on. Even after I pulled out the CCO connector from the Visor Controls, the red LED was STILL on. I unplugged it and plugged it back and and the red light went off, the keypads were working again but a few of the dimmers were still locked up. No response through the connect app either.
    4. I wish I had power cycled the main repeater again, but really had to get to another appointment (this was a free emergency call) so I just reuploaded the programming and everything went back to normal.

    So what went wrong? to cause this in the first place? In the future, what should the customer do? I told him to unplug the main repeater and the visor controls and plug them back in. Not sure what else they can do.

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    A shot in the dark - I was not aware that the system locked the dimmers when in security mode. Kinda makes sense but I never tested that. if you are using one of the general CCIs as a momentary contact the system would go into security mode when the CCI is pulsed. Since there is no release function for a momentary contact there is no event to tell the system to exit security mode. Or... your VCRX is broken.
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    Hello, we are sorry to hear about the issues with the VCRX and the security system. Please reach out to Lutron support regarding this issue by phone 1-888-Lutron1(588-7661) or by email (
    We may want to pull a support file to get a better idea of what is going on.

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    Well,I don't go to this customer's house often and already did one free service call. If it happens again, what do I need to pull when I contact support?

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