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Thread: Mercury-Vapor! Exterior Light

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    Mercury-Vapor! Exterior Light

    Help!! What switch do I use for exterior lights that use Mercury-Vapor Lights!!

    I’ve tried the RRD-PRO and the RRD-8ANS neither of which have worked??

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    The 8ANS is the only option. DO NOT use the PRO dimmer. Be sure to let it set for a few minutes before turning it on again.
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    How are they controlled now? Also, Mercury Vapor ballasts could accommodate various voltages so that along with the total wattage you're pulling is important to know. If it's 120V and you're staying under 960 watts, then 8ANS SHOULD be able to switch it. If you're over that and/or have a 208 or 240V connection, you need to use a contactor and then connect the 8ANS to the contactor.

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