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Thread: DVTV and PP-DV, no dimming

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    DVTV and PP-DV, no dimming

    Just got power on to my new workshop and trying to figure out what I messed up. As the title says, I have a DVTV dimmer switch and a PP-DV to get the total amps needed for my 8 Lithonia lighting CPHB-30LM-MVOLT-50K. Kinda over-bought lighting with the intent to dim....

    So, the lights switch on and off fine. I get a resistance change on the DVTV grey/purple lines but no voltage (well, I checked DC voltage, it's not AC by any chance?) while adjusting the dimmer control and trim pots. From the PP-DV, blue is obviously triggering the lights and red signal shows 24vdc when checked from black signal. I have no occupancy sensors, so black is capped per the instructions.

    I picked these up from a Habitat for Humanity restore in rather beat boxes, so it's possible one or both are bad. Just trying to identify before looking for an alternative solution.



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    Hello. Thank you for reaching out to Lutron.

    Looking at the DVTV dimmer, it is a 0-10v that requires the driver to source the dimming current. I looked online at the model for yoru lights, but did not see anything about the drivers and if they supply the current for 0-10. You may need to reach out to the manufacturer to get more information about the drivers.

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    Thank you for your reply. I contacted Acuity (light mfg) and they replied as follows:
    Quote Quote
    The CPHB adheres to the 0 - 10 Volt dimming standard. Any dimming device that complies to the same standard will be compatible with this fixture. Keeping in mind that the dimming device may or may not have min & max load requirements.

    Our driver does provide a DIM+ source current of 200uA, so the dimming device would only need to sink the current.
    And provided the spec sheet on the driver used:

    Model: SS-75L-48B
    Description: 75W LED Driver (I couldn't find the specific spec sheet sent, but this one has the same info along with a couple other drivers).

    So I understand better, I should be getting a DC voltage on the violet/grey lines from the lights? I want to make sure I can accurately describe this issue to my electrician.

    Much appreciated!

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    Good morning Brian. Yes, if you disconnect the low voltage wires from the dimmer and take a voltage reading of the wires coming from the LED drivers, you should be reading about 10VDC. The DVTV is a sinking device, meaning it requires the LED drivers to "source" the DC voltage so that the dimmer can manipulate it for the dimming signal. If you are not getting a DC voltage from the wires from the lights, then you will need a dimmer that will source the 10VDC dimming signal. Below is our 0-10V topology application note. It shows all of our 0-10V dimming controls and how they operate with this dimming protocol.

    You can also perform the test of touching the two low voltage wires together coming from the lights. They should dim down all the way when they are shorted together, and should go to full brightness when separated. This is a good test to make sure that the lights are not only sourcing the current, but also dimming properly.

    Hope this helps!

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    Just for follow-up and closure:

    It wasn't the switch or the powerpack. It also wasn't the lights/drivers. It was the Electricians (and me).

    They left me a 14/2 MC for the low voltage, having cut the white short and left the green and black long. I assumed that meant they'd used the black and green for my pink/purple.... well, you know what they say about assumptions. Once I was able to get up to the lights on the 16' ceiling, I was able to see that the green was unused... back on the ground, tested my observations to be true and the DVTV was now dimming. Still need to play with the high/low pot settings and get it fully mounted.

    Thanks for the support. It all helped work through this issue.

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