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Thread: Lutron Pico Audio + Sonos + Apple Airplay + Spotify

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    Lutron Pico Audio + Sonos + Apple Airplay + Spotify

    Hi. Hoping someone has come across this. I have a few Audio pico remotes (5 button w/ raise, lower, play/pause, skip, and round central button) as part of a RA2 Select system. I'm an end customer and manage my system from the App. We sometimes control our Sonos from the pico, but other times from the Sonos app (changing groupings from time to time), as well as from Spotify and via apple airplay.

    I was under the impression that the pico would play from Sonos favorites, but that isn't the behavior we are getting it. It seems to play and pause from the last source that was controlling the Sonos. That makes a lot of sense when we want to control volume or stop/start something already playing. But, it would be really nice to get some predictable behavior when pressing play if nothing is playing. Right now, it is always a bit of a guess at what was playing last.

    Is there any way get the system to, for example, go back to a default position (for example, playing a Sonos favorites or playlist) each night at a certain time or after a certain amount of idle time?


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    Another option you might consider is exploring whether there are any third-party apps or integrations that could help you achieve the behavior you're looking for.

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    On the pico you can assign different options. Play or pause rooms, Toggle play/pause, Skip next, or Cycle SONOS Favorite capability can be added tothe Single Action button.
    There is also a great application note on using and pairing Sonos. Lutron App Note 798
    If you need help or want more clarification please call into tech support!

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    The way I've achieved custom operation of the Pico Audio is by using Home Assistant (free 3rd party home IoT control). I also have other digital audio sources (Roon, DLNA, etc.) in the same rooms that I control with the same Pico, so I set mine up to FF/REW/etc. on different devices depending on what's currently playing. With HomeAssistant I can set up the Audio Pico to do any custom operation for ANY keypress, including Long-press and you could easily make Sonos "default" to a default source each night.

    Agreed, the problem is the Audio Pico and the standard Lutron App functionality are limited, the round center button by default is * supposed * to switch between recent Favorites (saved in My Sonos section of the Sonos App). I've found that process to have a very long delay, and often times doesn't switch Favorites anyway.

    With Home Assistant, you'd load the Lutron "Caseta" integration (the "RA2-specific" integration worked for me previously, but the "Caseta" integration specifically also supports RA2 Select and seemed more robust). The Picos are "discovered," along with your Sonos (you'll need to load the Sonos integration too).

    From there you can make custom "events" and operations for when you push any button on the Audio Pico. I used a "template" for Pico events, which you can also find on the HomeAssistant sites. Good luck!

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