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Thread: Caseta Activity Report

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    Caseta Activity Report

    Hi- I have 20+ Lutron Caseta dimmers / switches in my house. Is there way I can get an activity report showing what time the switches were turned on / off etc. ?


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    I don't believe Caseta has any recording or reporting functions.
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    Hello, thank you for the feature suggestion! This sounds like it would be a great feature, I will send this suggestion up to the product manager and engineering for future feature consideration. There is currently no way for you to see an activity log with Caseta Wireless or Ra2 Select. If you do ever need to check something, you can submit a support log through your app. Please give us a time/date and the name of the device you are wanting to check and we can check for you. When you submit your logs in the app, please ensure you are connected to the same Wi-Fi Router that your Caseta Hub is connected to.

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    Do you have a Pro bridge? If so, there are several free software solutions that connect to it to read data and control devices. Here are two:

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    Here’s a long winded way, but when you connect it to alexa, you grant amazon rights to log wireless light status and activity. Thus amazon logs light status such that when you download your amazon data for alexa (privacy request) you’ll, SADLY, get a csv of all lights, status by time/fate. I forgot the interval but it was disturbing to see that one could figure out home activities based on when we turned which wireless light on or off that alexa could see on the network.

    Id definitely choose the other suggestions in the thread first but as a last resort this is logged nonetheless by alexa/amazon.

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