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Thread: What Dimmer Switch - Bathroom Light + Fan

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    What Dimmer Switch - Bathroom Light + Fan

    Hi All,

    In the process of upgrading my ceiling light in my master bathroom. The light is attached to the bathroom fan and is currently on a regular light switch. I want to put them on a Lutron switch but I've been warned by a contractor and a buddy that I might run into various problems including:

    1) overheating of the switch itself if I don't get the right one;

    2) humming or other noises coming from the fan.

    Is there any truth to the above and what Dimmer should I get to minimize or eliminate the risk ?

    Thanks 👍

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    Most exhaust fan motors are not designed for speed control. Putting a dimmer on it may reduce the speed of the fan. As your friend noted it may hum and it will definitely reduce the life of the motor.
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    PD-5WS-DV-WH for Bathroom Fan/Lights and Bedroom Ceiling Fan/Lights

    @randyc I have a similar situation with an added complexity of having a 1950s house with no grounding or neutrals in the switch boxes, and lathe and plaster walls... I would have to destroy the walls to rewire and one of my bathrooms only has about a foot of attic space above it, so rewiring is not a reasonable solution. I have used PD-6WCL-WH/pico 3-way switches throughout the house, and I managed to get a neutral in one of my bathrooms and used a PD-6ANS-WH for a vanity lighting/bathroom exhaust fan. I have decided that on/off functionality is fine for the bathrooms, so I plan to give up on the dimmer idea...

    1.) I read in another post that I can use a PD-5WS-DV-WH in the 2 bathrooms that I do not have Neutrals in? Do they require ground or can I just wire the line and load to get them working?

    2.) Also, will the PD-5WS-DV-WH work for bedroom pull-chain type ceiling fan/light combo units, again with no neutral or ground at the switch box? I have converted everything to 8.5W LEDs and I can't imagine the fans using more than 3amps, but I still have to check.

    Let me know your thoughts on the 2 scenarios above.

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    For those interested, I have successfully accomplished #1 above... My bathroom light/fan circuits are successfully being controlled with the PD-5WS-DVs without a ground or neutral (Just the line and load wired). I am waiting for my next batch of switches to attempt the ceiling fans (BTW:I have verified all the fans in the house use between .42-.83 amps.).

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