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Thread: Troubleshooting 0-10V TMV Kit

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    Troubleshooting 0-10V TMV Kit

    Hi All,

    Was doing some testing with what I thought was a NOS TVM kit I had around. So far nothing out of the TVM outputs.
    I was expecting to see either a solid or flashing "Data Ok", and in this case it's just off and the TVM leds are all blinking slowly. Any docs on the status LEDs for these? I feel like I've seen it but can't find anything at the moment.

    Other than changing out the RPM harness is there anything I should check? It's a QS system running 15.5 with a MI, load was updated to 0-10V LED at 0W as described in "Using a TVM for 0-10V Control in HWQS – Rev C"
    Assuming it's just a bad ISO2 that's been hanging around instead of being binned. Figured I'd ask here before condemning it and ordering a new one.


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    What kit are you using? Sometimes you have to specify sink vs source. Your device may be in sink mode meaning it is looking for changes in voltage from the source.
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