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Thread: Bulbs flicker at high end with Maestro Dimmer

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    Bulbs flicker at high end with Maestro Dimmer

    We have a Maestro Dimmer Macl 153-M with companion dimmer. Our home was built in 2018 and EcoSmart bulbs were installed. In 2022, a couple of bulbs burned out and I tried to replace them with approved EcoSmart bulbs. The new Eco-Smarts would flicker erratically when the bulbs were on full brightness. I tried a couple of other recommended bulbs. The ones that work the best are GE bulbs. I bought GE bulbs at Lowes LED9DR3015/G2L6 and they worked pretty well but not perfect--just an occasional flicker. I then put in GE bulbs from Target LED9 30 EG-4 and they work fine. The EcoSmart bulbs sold now look different and apparently have different circuitry. I do not know how Lutron tests their bulbs to put on their recommended list--perhaps everything is tested under perfect laboratory conditions. I have other neighbors with the same setup also having problems replacing them with EcoSmart bulbs. I hope this thread helps someone.

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    You need to adjust the high end trim. If it is a bulb Lutron tested, the recommended settings are in the list
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    Thank you. High end trim was adjusted numerous times. Sometimes the lights would work for a week or two (thought I had it fixed) and then start blinking erratically again. Everything is ok now with the GE bulbs.

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    New Information: Because the bulbs would blink erratically, I may not have set high end trim accurately. However, one of the new bulbs that was working fine started blinking continually. This time, while it was blinking, I was able to reset the high end trim and, as I hit the down button in the procedure, was actually now able to see the blinking stop. Curious thing though, within months, two of the GE's I recommended above blew out. Thought this was a statistical anomaly. Any ideas what may have happened? (Three rooms in our house have the original Eco-smart bulbs (on dimmers) which are five years old and are under heavy use. Two rooms have given me problems--all new bulbs--which I hope is now solved.)

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    Changed the dimmer to Lutron Diva. Still have the same flickering problem at high brightness using recommended GE bulbs (tried three brands). With the dimming lever all the way up, flickering is pronounced. I can reduce the flickering somewhat loving the lever slightly down. However, flickering is still a problem. Anyone have any solutions?

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    Hello. What model number of Diva dimmer are you using? Are you still using the LED9DR3015/G2L6 model that you mentioned at the top of the thread? I tried putting it into the LED compatibility tool and did not see it come up as an approved lamp.

    Here is a link to the compatibility tool:

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    I used bulbs that I am sure were on the approved list when I started this almost a year ago. However, I see new numbers on the list. I will change to new numbers and try again. Thank you.

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    Update. Installed GE bulbs 93130739 and these have been flicker free with the Maestro dimmer.

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