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Thread: Radio RA to Caseta upgrading

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    Question Radio RA to Caseta upgrading

    I have an original Radio RA system in my house. All the bedrooms, garage, living room and kitchen have keypads with 3 scenes each on them. I’m hoping that the Caseta system would be a good upgrade for me but I’m confused as to how many switches I can assign to each Pico remote and how to get as close to a system that I had with the old Radio RA.
    I just changed out one old Radio RA switch the other day with the help of my step son/electrician as I seem to like the simplicity of the installation. I know moving forward I’ll need the Smart Bridge. My other big concern is if this bridge and my Somfy bridge for my blinds are going give me interference issues.

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    Lutron operates in the 434 MHz range. Somfy is 2.4 GHz. There should be no interference.

    You can add as many dimmers as you want to the Pico.

    Caseta does not offer a true keypad. A Pico can sort of function as a keypad but not exactly. Read the descriptions of the 4-button keypads to make sure they will do what you want.
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