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Thread: Phantom Keypad in Designer - What is it used for?

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    Phantom Keypad in Designer - What is it used for?

    I was able to add scenes to the Lutron app by using the "Homeowner Keypad" and it seems to work as expected. There are two icons next to the keypad, one a lightning bolt arrow and the other a network icon. I assume that the lightning bolt shows that it connects to the processor wirelessly. I'm not sure what the network icon signifies, any ideas?

    There is also a "Phantom Keypad" available in the designer toolbox. I tried the same setup as with the "Homeowner Keypad", but the "Phantom Keypad" never showed up in the Lutron app. Any ideas how to use the "Phantom Keypad"?

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    Just going back and reviewing some post and saw this one. I had the same question and was told the Phantom Keypad is for integrations. I'm going to also be having C4 installed in the house in about 2 months so my expectation is the phantom keypad will show up in C4 and be trigger-able from C4 so the the loads in a scene will simultaneously go their programmed state. Seeing is believing but I sure hope that is true.

    I'll add I believe this is a huge miss that the phantom keypad doesn't show up in the Lutron app nor is it available to HomeKit automations. This would allow a Lutron Pro dealer to make one of the key Lutron selling features (simultaneous scene fading across multiple loads) of a more professional RA3 system work with the smart voice assistants that so many folks already have in their homes. Having these work well together brings value to all parties.

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    Phantom keypads are used when integrating with a control system such as Crestron,Savant, etc.

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