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Thread: PD-5ANS Won't work with 3-Way Toggle Switch

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    PD-5ANS Won't work with 3-Way Toggle Switch

    I just replaced a conventional 3 way switch with the PD-5ANS and connected it to my smart-router. It works fine from both the switch and the iPhone app. However, the other 3 way toggle switch will only control the lites if I first turn them on from the Casetta. When i do this and go to the 3 way toggle, it will turn the lights on and off.

    However, if I turn the lights off from the Caseta, the 3 way toggle switch has no effect at all. I followed the wiring diagram (i thought) but perhaps not. Before I start switching wires, I wanted to check with the forum. Attached is the wiring diagram i followed.

    Any comments welcome!

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    currently on the 3 way, 3 different screws are used? YOu have to combine the common (hot) with one of the other travelers. The video below works great to show what you need to do.

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