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Thread: Lock icon next to model number

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    Lock icon next to model number

    How do I remove a switch that has a lock icon next to the model number? In the Design tab, Device locations, model number.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Same! Im wondering what thats about, sucks that hardly anyone responds to questions on here. Very frustrating lately. Lutron rolls out this new software, its a mess, hard to get help and questions answered for new dealers stepping into RA3 etc

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    I actually got a response from Lutron tech support in regards to the lock icon in the designer software. Heres what the said;

    "Hey -----, thank you for the reply. We currently have a case open with engineering as to why this lock appears here. It seems as if RRD-PRO, RRD-6ND, RRD-6NA, RRD-10ND and a few other devices appear with a lock icon. This would not be of immediate concern, and may be a partial feature / lingering icon that was added in early stages of Designer, but remains static on a few Maestro models. We'll reach out when we get a definitive answer, but note that this should not cause any negative outcome for device programming, activation, or transfers in the meantime."

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    Curious if this was resolved, as I think I am having the same issue. Essentially, when converting from RA2 to RA3, all dimmers became part of a gang, which looks like your picture. I cannot then take a dimmer out of the gang.

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    The lock icon means the software won't automatically change the model number. You can click (maybe double-click) on the lock to unlock the field.

    In RA3 you can drag devices between control stations. If you right click-cut a device, then click on a blank area and paste, the software will create a new control station with that devices. You can cut and paste entire control stations between rooms.
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