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Thread: Google Home not talking to Lutron devices

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    Google Home not talking to Lutron devices

    I have been using Lutron/Cassetta with Google Home for the past year. I added a new light this afternoon, but have managed to completely lose my integration between GH and Lutron.

    All of my lights - including my new light - work through the Lutron app.

    When attempting to add the device initially in Google Home (eg, the "Works with..." dialog), I got a pop-up for Lutron offering only "Reconnect Account" or "Unlink Account". I tried several times to reconnect the account. Nothing seems to happen, and I was unable to see my new light.

    I unlinked the account, and at that point I lost all of my lights (not unexpected). I *CANNOT* get my account re-connected, though. I have reset my Lutron controller device (hardware), rebooted my phone, etc.

    How do I connect Lutron and Google Home after resetting the connection?

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    To provide more specific details, after connecting Lutron to Google Home (no apparent problems), Lutron shows as connected. I can follow the instructions on this page:

    At step 3, my prompt is slightly different saying "Link one of your existing devices or services, like connected light bulbs or plugs." Not a major concern, I click on it...

    At step 4, Lutron shows as a linked service with six devices. Okay... clicking on it...

    I get a pop-up:

    Reconnect Account
    Unlink Account

    Reconnect account runs me through authentication and a "we're happy..." message, but ends with a redirect back to step #3 (selecting "works with google") again. Rinse. Repeat.

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    Hello. We are sorry to hear that the integration between Caseta and Google is not working anymore. We would recommend contacting our 24/7 tech support hotline at 1 (800) 523-9466 to create a case for you. You can also email us at Thank you.

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    So... this was entirely my mistake.

    Once the Lutron service is linked to Google Home, any devices not placed into "Rooms" appear at the very bottom of the devices list. All it took was scrolling to the bottom to find them.

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