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Thread: Not going to lie....These updates are getting super annoying!

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    Not going to lie....These updates are getting super annoying!

    Every time I turn around, I'm updating to the latest version. It's another 700mb on the computer and time lost. I was on 22.7 a week ago. 22.8 last night. Now 22.8.1 today. We all know there is nothing earth shattering about these updates too....

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    And also the fact that you cannot open a different file version without converting it is super annoying. Having been burned by updating systems in the past, I try to avoid firmware/software updates unless I absolutely need a feature in that update. Of course that means me having like 8 versons of QS software on my laptop and 3 or 4 of QSX. They should make the files interoperable with the different programming software versions.

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