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Thread: Caseta as master, Dalia as slave?

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    Question Caseta as master, Dalia as slave?

    I have Lutron Aurora switches throughout the entire house to control my array of Hue lights. Problem is, I have one ceiling fixture I LOVE that doesn't take Hue bulbs. This fixture is currently controlled by two switches (3-way).

    Is it possible to replace one of these 3-way switches with a Caseta dimmer (so I can control the switch via Apple Home) setup as master, and replace the the other switch with a Dalia knob-style dimmer setup as slave?

    I'm imagining if I did this, I'd be able to control the fixture with Apple Home, but also use the rotary-style Dalia to dim it just like the Aurora switches elsewhere.

    Thoughts? What am I missing?

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    Unfortunately, the Caseta dimmers cannot use another dimmer as it's companion. The Dalia rotary dimmer is an analog master dimmer that you would run in to issues if you wired it up in a 3-way with a Caseta dimmer. The Caseta dimmers can only use Pico wireless remotes as 3-way dimming companions; all other companion options would only be on/off switch companions.

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    Thank you for that very thoughtful and informative answer!

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