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Thread: Powering hub via POE

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    Powering hub via POE

    Wondering if anyone has tried powering the Caseta hub (or a Phillips Hue hub) via POE from a switch? I'm considering moving it to a location that has data, but no AC power (that is if it can be done).

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    Lutron Technical Support
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    Jan 2022

    The Caseta smart hub does not currently support power over ethernet. The AC adapter would be needed to power the unit.

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    There are POE splitters (the reverse of POE injectors), you can get them for 10-15$USD on Amazon I believe (not sure if links are permitted here so not risking it).

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    Lutron Technical Support
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    May 2022
    Hello we would not recommend trying to power the Caseta Hub with this method. The hub was designed to be used with the AC adapter that comes with the Hub.

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    PoE splitters that take PoE input and have an output DC power plug (USB-A, USB-C, Micro-USB, Mini-USB, or barrel connector) work fine almost all the time.

    Just make sure you have the proper voltage and amp rating to deliver the power needed by the device and the power drawn from the PoE port.

    Manufacturers, like Lutron will ALWAYS say their device is not designed for this.

    That's simply a CYA statement to protect them from the rare, but ocassional warranty claim that might arise due to device failure that is probably not due to the use of a PoE power converter, but is an escape valve to avoid responsibility.

    It's right up there with the even bigger lie, er "claim", from almost every consumer products company that you must use the "USB power adapter" that comes with the product for any device that is USB powered.

    Fortunately, smart phone vendors, and some other product vendors, have simply stopped shipping USB power adapters claiming they want to "save the planet" when, of course, they want to save the cost of including them for the convenience of their customers.

    I say "fortunately", because it is impossible for them to demand you only use their USB power adapter when they no longer supply it.

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