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Thread: DVRF-6L Does Not Shut Off Power! It's just a circuit passthrough? Wut?

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    DVRF-6L Does Not Shut Off Power! It's just a circuit passthrough? Wut?

    Hey all, I recently got a few new switches to replace existing my old single-pole bedroom light & ceiling fan (pull chain) combo. I also got a new ceiling fan. I ran a new 2-conductor romex to the box, and then installed the switches. I installed one PD-FSQN Caseta Fan Controller and a DVRF-6L Smart Diva to control the lights. Upon wiring them up and testing the wires in the box I was surprised to find that the new Diva Dimmer Switch does not turn the power off. In fact, the only way that I can power down the circuit is to pull out the little FASS front switch thingy. The PD-FSQN is functioning as expected.

    The circuit is wired correctly, so I assumed I might have gotten unlucky with a bad DVRF-6L from my local Home Depot. I swapped it out with a second one that I purchased for another room, and it STILL DOESN'T FUNCTION!? The switch doesn't light up it's indicator light, and doesn't seem to do much except act as a very-expensive passthrough! Two bad switches seems like astronomical odds. Sure enough, I replaced it with a dumb 3 dollar generic switch and it works as expected.

    What am I missing here???

    I have 120V incoming to the black wire on the DVRF-6L and the switch leg of the circuit on the red wire. The ground is wired and the blue is capped (but also has 120V output!!). I'm assuming this is for a 3-way configuration, which I don't need here.

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    Hello! It sounds like there is no load attached to the control. Are you using a dimmable LED?

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