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Thread: Diva Dimmer Flicker Troubleshooting

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    Diva Dimmer Flicker Troubleshooting

    Good morning,

    I have been trying to troubleshoot a pretty constant flicker of our 6 kitchen flush mount (Kichler 43848WHLED60T) lights which are powered by a Lutron Caseta Diva smart dimmer switch in a 2 way setup. Since installation we have had a pretty consistent flicker approx every 15 minutes of all lights shutting off then powering back on. Lasts maybe a second.

    I have replaced the Diva switch with a brand new and still have the same result. It's probably worth noting that previously installed as a Lutron Diva DVCL-153P which never had any issue for the 2 or so years it was in service.

    Any thoughts that could help me determine the issue here?

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    Lutron Technical Support
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    Based on the symptoms described between the Kichler lights and the Smart Diva dimmer there may be an incompatibility present between the two devices. To test this theory, if possible, we could add an incandescent light to the load with the existing LEDs and see if the issue replicates. Alternatively, testing the dimmer on a different lighting load to see if the issue replicates elsewhere is also a good step to determine if the dimmer is causing the problem or not. It could be an issue of using a digital dimmer with these lights. This could explain why this issue was not present with an analog dimmer (DVCL-153P). After reviewing Kichler's website I wasn't able to locate the exact model number specified, however according to their spec sheet for the 43848WHLED30T fixture, this light is listed as compatible with electronic low-voltage dimmers. If you are looking for a dimming solution in the Caseta family, it may be worth testing these lights with the Caseta ELV dimmer (model# PD-5NE). Please note that this dimmer does require a neutral connection. Kichler also lists this dimmer as compatible with their 43848 series downlights:

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