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Thread: Questions From Caseta Noob Putting Together New Setup

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    Questions From Caseta Noob Putting Together New Setup

    Hi all, glad I found this forum, new member.

    Trying to put together a HomeKit system and therefore also adding Caseta wireless into the mix. I have a new smart bridge pack (the 1 with the 1 in wall dimmer plus remote plus bridge) on the way and also have ordered some of the in wall switches (the on/off, not dimmable ones).

    I have some initial questions:

    1) For the kitchen I have BR30s in cans, LED's but not dimmable, I'm thinking of retro'ing those with new dimmable BR30's and using the in wall dimmer for that setup. Its a pin to have to replace 10 x BR30s just to gain dimmer but think that the benefit of the dimming, when used for scenes etc will be more beneficial longer term. I have read that even those bulbs that are supported by Lutron are sometimes humming so my question is, are/is there a brand of BR30s that people are finding trouble free with these Caseta dimmers ?

    2) For the in-wall switch (the one you can use for on/off, fans etc) being used in a 3 way environment (2 switches controlling 1 set of lights) do I have to use the Caseta in wall switch and a Pico remote for the 2nd switch or can I mix it with 1 x Caseta and 1 x Mechanical ? What is the best way to solve this type of install in your opinion ?

    3) Can I use any pico remote with the On/Off Caseta in Wall Switch (even those with the 3 or 4 buttons that have dim functionality, even though I would not be using the dim piece) ?

    4) Anyone using it this solution with the Nest Integration ? If so how is that working ?

    Sure I will have more questions as I move forward but really appreciate any feedback you can offer.



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    Wildcat_1, here are my answers to your questions:

    1) Go to our LED selection tool website: . Under Fixture/Lamp Type, choose "R30". Under Lutron Control, choose "Caseta dimmer". Then when you click on the orange Search button, it will bring up all of the R/BR30 LEDs that are approved for the Caseta dimmers, that we have official report cards published. When you click on the model umber link for the LED, the report card will open. In the comments section of the chart we will denote if "Buzzing may occur" if we had instances of the LEDs buzzing.

    2) You can do it either way. shows you step-by-step how to install the Caseta switch with a Pico (pages 6-9), or with a mechanical switch (pages 14-16).

    3) Yes you can, it's just that the Caseta switch won't respond to the dimming functionality of the Pico remote.

    4) There are customers that use the Caseta system with Nest. You need to register the Nest thermostat with Nest first before you try connecting it to the Caseta system.

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