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Thread: HRV control

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    HRV control

    Just wondering if anyone has any opinions about using Lutron to control an HRV system. The temperature controls available today lack in the control of an HRV/ERV so just wondering if anyone could share some experiences on this. Anyone using CCI/CCO integration with conditional logic to accomplish this?

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    As a clarification, it is probably important to indicate if the hrv has a simplified installation or partially dedicated or fully dedicated? I guess different control strategies would apply for each type of installation?

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    I have controlled HRV units many times. Primarily where i have controlled them was for bathroom exhaust. Here in NJ we have a contractor that likes to build his houses air tight. The homes don't get enough fresh air. They use the HRV to exhaust the bathrooms and take in fresh air. I usally asked to set a time schedule and also run them when the bathrooms are occupied.As far as the logic I would think thats client/contractor specific. We usually control them through a 4R module. simply turning them on and off

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