Have a Lutron QSX system and noticing that a 30 second delay is being triggered at certain times. The lighting is a combination of Ketra ceiling lights and linear lighting from a 3rd party. The 30 second delay loop is only being triggered in the 3rd party linear lighting only. Ketra fixtures respond right away. System uses Palladiom keypads in the home. This delay is frequent but not all the time and seems to coincide with the triggering of scenes from Lutron schedules. Some troubleshooting with the linear lighting vendor shows that the 30 second delay after pressing the keypad is coming from a delay in their processor/nodes receiving the command from the Lutron side. All scenes are scheduled in Lutron.

- Is there anything that might be triggering this frequent 30 second delay?
- Could the scenes have anything to do with it?
- Could the linear processors being on a different subnet than the Lutron processor have anything to do with it?

Thank you for any isight or part experience on this issue.