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Thread: LED 0-10V dimmer switch

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    LED 0-10V dimmer switch

    I bought a Lutron DVSTV-453PH dimmer switch for a LED strip light (Sylvania) which uses a low voltage wire for the dimmer. I ran the low voltage wires. The dimmer switch slide will only work at full brightness and midrange although it does not dim much at all. I can't find any info on compatible dimmer switches for this light. I tried the high and low trim on the switch but that does not help at all.
    Any help is appreciated.

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    Do you have the model number of the strip lights you are using? With 0-10v dimming, you can short the low voltage wires (should be purple and gray or purple and pink) from the driver to force the lights to dim down as far as they can go. If you do this, do the lights dim down any further than with the DVSTV-453P?

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