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Thread: Not finding what I need - help?

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    Not finding what I need - help?

    I have two mechanical 3-way switches, where a neutral wire is NOT present. I do not want a dimmer switch -- just a 3-way on-off switch. I'm guessing only one of the two switches needs to be a wireless smart switch (but please correct me if I'm wrong). I need this to be compatible with Apple Home.

    What do I need to purchase to support this configuration? Do I need two smart switches and a smart hub (I don't own any Lutron Caseta products yet)? Or can I purchase only one smart switch and a smart hub -- and use my existing mechanism 3-way switch?

    Thanks much. -- Eric

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    Hello Eric. You can use a PD-5WS-DV which is a non-neutral based smart switch that is part of the Caseta line. This switch can be used with an existing 3-way mechanical switch, or a wireless Pico remote in the other switch location. You will need the Caseta hub to be able to use this switch with Apple Homekit.

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