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Thread: Maestro LED+ Full Brightness After Power Outage or Surge

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    Maestro LED+ Full Brightness After Power Outage or Surge

    I've got six of these dimmers installed in the house. If there is a power outage/surge one of them comes on at full brightness and cannot be used without completely resetting. Is just this one unit defective or is the programming screwed up?

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    Can you replicate this issue by turning the lights off then pulling the FASS (small tab below the tap button) then pushing the FASS back in? What kind of lights are you using? If you are using LED lights, what happens if you swap the lights out for an incandescent or halogen light? If swapping the lights fixes the issue, we would suggest using LED lights that we have compatibility testing with (found at If it does not resolve the issue, please contact our Technical Support team at 1-888-588-7661 or

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