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Thread: Neon Dimming

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    Neon Dimming


    I'm involved in a project that requires me to dim neon lighting in a dark environment. The system in place is RadioRa2. I am a neon company and know about dimming neon in the traditional way, but not via a lighting control system.

    I have found the LQSE-4A-120-D power module, and it looks like it would work. But I really would like to get confirmation that this is the right path. I also need to know what switch to use to control this module.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Mark Ermis
    Ion Art, Inc.

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    the Lutron LQSE-4A-120-D power module should work for dimming your neon lighting with the RadioRa2 system. Here are a few points to confirm:

    - The LQSE-4A-120-D is designed for dimming 120V loads up to 4A, which should sufficiently cover typical neon lighting. Just confirm your wiring/load requirements.

    - Being a RadioRa2 device, the module can be controlled wirelessly by RadioRa2 switches, keypads or other devices programmed into the system.

    - For a basic on/off/dim control, the RA-WLS2324W Wireless SeeTouch Wallstation would be a good choice. This provides 4 buttons that can be programmed for neon dimming control.

    - Alternatively, a Pico wireless remote, the RA-WLCP04, could be used for simple on/off or preset dimming. Multiple Picos could be set up in the space.

    - The module and controllers would have to be commissioned with the RadioRa2 system to enable communication and program the dimming functions.

    it appears using the LQSE power module is a solid approach for dimming neon lights with RadioRa2. I would recommend verifying load requirements and working with a Lutron supplier to specify and commission the full solution. Let me know if you need any other details! I hope it will be useful to you!
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    Hello, I'd like to jump in quickly to clarify the quote/models listed above.
    To be clear, the LQSE-4A-120-D is a DIN module specifically and only for Homeworks Level systems; it is not compatible to any extent with RadioRA/RA2 Select/ RA2/ RA3 systems.
    Furthermore, PHPM power interfaces may be a solution here, we'd recommend looking into the PHPM-PA and PHPM-WBX spec submittals for use with RA2 neutral based hardware and Neon load types.
    If you'd like more details on this, please call Lutron directly at 18445887661. Thank you!

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