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Thread: Can I use a H6BRL as keypad, whitout load atached or programmed?

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    Can I use a H6BRL as keypad, whitout load atached or programmed?

    I have a few Hybrid H6BRL keypads left over from a job.
    With the new hybrid available, I doubt will make use of these.
    Was wondering if I could simply use these as a W6BRL, just a keypad, without a load attached or programmed, but have the keys on the keypad programmed for other loads in the system?

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    You can use these keypads as standard keypads by just connecting the hot and neutral wires on the keypad.

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    Yep, I have one that's connected to a ceiling fixture box that's never going to get used. The buttons are all configured to control other things. It's a bit of overkill to spend on the hybrid and not use the dimmer, but it works just fine as a keypad.

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    Ileo- go into the integration tab and un-check the ID box for the dimmer portion of the hybrid keypad. Some users will see that on the app and wonder what it is controlling. Un-checking the box hides the dimmer from the app.
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    Keep in mind that unchecking the hybrid also removes it from any 3rd party integration. I would love to be able to remove devices from the Home Control + app but leave it available for other 3rd party integration. We often use 'phantom' loads to influence LED status on the keypads when controlling 3rd party functions but they are confusing to the client when he discovers them in the Lutron app.

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