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Thread: Every single Pico remote - ordering codes

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    Lightbulb Every single Pico remote - ordering codes

    It's crazy how hard it was to pull all this together... as far as I can tell, there's no single document at Lutron that shows every single Pico remote that can be ordered. Each document and guide i found was missing several of the more rare models... (e.g. pre-printed skylight control & projector screen control!) maybe they don't want us to order these.

    Nevertheless, I assembled my own document showing them all.

    There's actually 30 different Picos available in EACH of the 4 colors = 120 different pico sku's.

    Here's the guide to all the different imprints and styles that can be ordered.

    Please let me know if there are any you know of that are missing from this list!

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    PJ2-3BRL is also avail in S9 and S10.

    Most are available in 7 colors so >200 SKUs.
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