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Thread: Batteries in Occupancy sensors

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    Batteries in Occupancy sensors

    I feel like I already know this answer, but has there ever been a way to determine the current state of the battery in an Occupancy sensor? Or, for that matter, in a Pico remote?

    Or do we just wait until something is non-responsive?

    The integration supports checking, but only for the temp sensors?

    I understand that pinging the sensors for current battery state would be a bad plan, as waking them all the time would end up being more of a drain that necessary. But if they reported a battery value while sending actions it'd be something that could be tracked via integration.

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    The occupancy sensor has a 10-year battery. I'm not sure it's worth the expense to add battery sensing circuitry. Worst case you could replace the battery every 5 years or so.

    I'm not sure the circuitry would fit in a Pico.
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