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Thread: Is there a way to sync homeowner edits without transferring programming?

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    Is there a way to sync homeowner edits without transferring programming?

    The issue I have is that I'm working with a lighting designer who only uses the app to make programming changes, but of course the changes they made don't show up on the .ra3 file that's saved on the cloud. So when I work on it, I am not sure if they had made some "homeowner" changes and my fear is that I might undo what they did so what I do now is to first do a transfer and then say yes to the homeowner changes, and then I can see what they did and once I'm done with my changes (which is stuff that the app can't do), to another transfer and perhaps update the firmware or whatever else.

    It would be nice to not do the initial transfer because it interrupts the homeowner needlessly and it's like 5-10 minutes of billable time! Is there a way to just do a "snoop" on what the homeowner changes are and save them to my local file but not do the actual transfer?

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    Yes, open your project file, go to the "Tools" menu and click the "Sync App Edits" button.

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    Doh! It was right there! I appreciate your answer!

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    Before implementing any solution, it's important to discuss with your lighting designer and homeowner to ensure that everyone is on the same page and agrees on the workflow and tools to be used. It's also essential to test any new process thoroughly and back up your files regularly to avoid losing any data in case of errors or accidents.

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