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Thread: DbXmlInfo.xml doesn't include actual wattage values?

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    DbXmlInfo.xml doesn't include actual wattage values?

    I'm in the process of patching some limits in the pylutron libraries and noticed that the DbXmlInfo.xml files I've got don't have any actual values in the Wattage attribute. They're all zero, including any that have the value set from Inclusive. I've checked this using 12.9.0 of Inclusive, and from previous exports.

    It would appear that either the main repeater either isn't getting this information during a transfer, or the exporting process on the repeater isn't including it when creating the XML.

    Could someone else check an export from their repeater and confirm?

    If you have a linux machine and xsh installed you could use:

    $ wget http://ip.of.your.repeater/DbXmlInfo.xml
    $ xsh
     xsh - XML Editing Shell version 2.2.9
    $scratch/> open DbXmlInfo.xml
    parsing DbXmlInfo.xml
    /> ls //Output
    <Output Name="Gym Fan" UUID="45868" IntegrationID="31" OutputType="CEILING_FAN_TYPE" Wattage="0" SortOrder="1"/>
    <Output Name="Front Windows" UUID="46285" IntegrationID="215" OutputType="NON_DIM_INC" Wattage="0" SortOrder="0"/>
    <Output Name="Christmas Tree" UUID="38031" IntegrationID="197" OutputType="NON_DIM_INC" Wattage="0" SortOrder="1"/>
    <Output Name="Attic Stair Closet" UUID="29198" IntegrationID="65" OutputType="NON_DIM" Wattage="0" SortOrder="0"/>
    <Output Name="Pantry Ceiling" UUID="6676" IntegrationID="124" OutputType="AUTO_DETECT" Wattage="0" SortOrder="1"/>
    Otherwise just use a text editor to search for the Wattage=" string. That'll jump you to each OutputType's wattage value. Is anyone else seeing anything other than 0 in the export?
    xsh is most easily installed on a linux machine using the CPAN framework.
    $ cpan XML::XSH2

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    They are all 0 values for my installation. I'm on 12.6.

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