We have a project where we are using Visonic Spy 4 in-ceiling motion sensors. These have a normally closed contact closure output that opens on motion. We have these wired into the inputs of a QSE-IO and when the contact closure opens on motion, we have lights that turn on.

The issue we are experiencing is a long delay between when motion is detected and the lights turning on. Testing the contact closure at the IO shows that it opens in approximately 1 second of the sensor being tripped. However, there is an additional 10 seconds or so of delay before the lights turn on. So it is not that the sensor is slow to respond.

I have checked delays and fades and all are set to 0.

Keypads and app all respond instantaneously as they should.

Anyone else experience these issues? We have used these same sensors with success in the past with the QS processor and have not experienced these kinds of issues. For what its worth, it may just be me but I also feel Lutron's wireless sensors are slower to respond with QSX than with QS. But definitely not a 10 second delay.

I have sent a support file to Lutron and will post back what they find. But thought I would reach out here in case others have found a solution.