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Thread: Buzzing issue with Diva and Toggle Dimmers w/ Halo Lights

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    Buzzing issue with Diva and Toggle Dimmers w/ Halo Lights

    I recently bought and installed 7 Halo recessed lights (RA5606930WHR) and installed a Lutron toggle dimmer (TGCL-153P) and found that the lights are buzzing at any level of dimming. It is gets louder at certain settings but it is present any time the lights are on.

    I referenced the Halo compatibility sheet for this product and found that a different Lutron switch was listed. So I bought the Diva (DVWCL-153PH-WH) today and installed it.... still buzzing. Looking for solutions that do not involve replacing the lights. Of course the lights do not buzz without a dimmer but unfortunately going without a dimmer is not an option in my application.

    Any help is much appreciated.

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    I have encountered this several times with the Halo product. Their spec sheet indicates a DVELV300PWH or DVELV303PWH for proper dimming. Cooper/Eaton has not sent their revised version of these downlights in for testing for quite some time. Generally, the ELV dimmer will give you the proper dimming type- reverse phase/trailing edge, and provide a neutral wire for the installation of the dimmer as well.
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