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Thread: google home and Lutron Connect

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    google home and Lutron Connect

    I have what I suspect is a dumb question.
    any time I try to link google home to Lutron Connect is get the error
    "Could not reach Lutron Connect - HomeworksQS + RadioRA2. Please try again"
    The Lutron Connect app works when I am at home but not remotely. I suspect I have to purchase a subscription to the app but I don't see a link in app for that. - I wonder if that's because I'm and installer so it doesn't show up?
    Do I need to make a separate homeowner account? Am I missing something obvious? To be honest I'm not all that worried about using voice commands but routines are nice. Mostly I need to be able to walk clients through this process and I'm not even navigating it successfully myself.


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    Hey Julian,

    When you are trying to link Google Home or Alexa you are correct in that you need to be using a homeowner account. It won't let you link them with your installer account. Also for not being able to use the app remotely, I would double checck the cellular settings you have set for the connect app.

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    If your using the installer mode than once you leave the clients WIFI zone your connection won't work.

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