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Thread: 0-10 volt dimming with zwave support

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    0-10 volt dimming with zwave support

    Evening. I've poked around and I don't see any mention of 0-10v dimmers that also support z-wave functionality.

    For my specific setup, I have 600 watts (well, 604. 4x 151 high bay LED fixtures) that I don't need running at max output almost ever. I was hoping to integrate them with the rest of the house (which is running z-wave) and program them to brighten and dim throughout the day as desired, as well as be turned off/on by motion detection throughout the house as we come and go. I could throw some qubino flush relays in the LED units themselves, but then I can't control them at the wall.

    If I can't find anything smart, the DVSTV switch should work fine, it's just not ideal.


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    You are in a Lutron forum- youre not gonna see anything Z-Wave here.

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