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Thread: Rrd 6d blinking - it is controlling Phpm-PA

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    Rrd 6d blinking - it is controlling Phpm-PA

    Hello lutroners

    i have a customer that has a a RR2 system running an RRD-6D which is driving a PHPM-PA

    the load is incandescent Christmas lights, 7.5 amp load

    I made certain that there were no tightly or loosely coiled power cables in the circuit

    the wiring config is the same as instructed in the PHPM-PA installation manual

    I get a service call from the home and all of the lights are off, the 6D is flashing as fast as it can, indicating a current overload


    1. which device would you swap first? I am leaning towards the 6D
    2. The 6D needs a min of 50w, should I get a 6NA which only requires 5W (some have opined that the flashing could be a current under condition) not enough load from the PHPM
    3. Would the 6D ever need more that it’s 500w limit to drive the PHPM?

    of course I cycle the power, this fixes things and then I cannot recreate the event

    any theories?

    thank you lutroners

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    I removed the dimmer, which I thought was a 6D, turns out it is a RRD-6NA, I will order another, or should I upgrade to a newer power pack?

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    I believe I figured this out

    when the system was off for a few hours it would start and operate as designed

    when the lights went off and the 6NA was blinking fast, it would restart but fail a few min later

    my guess is since it is managing at least 50w to drive th PHPM, that 50w of heat was building up and causing the unit to go into failure mode

    i unscrewed the cover and opened the front of the electrical box so the 6NA was pulled out but still connected

    it has been working without failure for over a week

    i will try opening some cooling holes (punch outs) for ventilation

    final report on the horizon

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