I installed a TGCL-153-PH dimmer switch on a 3-way set up with Sylvania LED retrofit lights and all worked well for about 3 weeks.

Yesterday, the switch stopped working and then worked intermittently. I talked with customer support and was advised to replace the switch. I purchased a new switch, replaced it and it worked fine. In the process I double checked my wiring connections, tested the switches and all was good. I ate dinner and then the problem occured again. The odd thing is, it worked in all possible 3-way positions before yesterday [(up/up (off), up/down (on), down/down (off) down/up (on)] and if you watch the video and look at the switch positions, it eventually starts to work correctly.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

I've attached a video .tinywow_IMG_9587 (1)_9445719.mp4