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Thread: Another 4 way dimmer question

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    Another 4 way dimmer question

    I am new to the forum so thanks in advance for any advice. I have purchased the Maestro and two companion switches but when I read the directions I am confused. One of the switches has just three wires and the other two are identical but have TWO black screws and four wires (two red and two black). I am including pictures to help visualize. I am assuming that the one that is different is the middle (and where the Maestro Master should go?). The one with the three wires black screw wire goes over to the switch next to it....
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    Hi, the switch that 3 wires is is a 3-way switch and the one that has 4 wires appears to be a 4-way switch. For a setup with 3 switches to work, you will need 2 3-way switches and 1 4-way switch. Switching circuits like this will always start with a 3-way switch on the line side, have a 4-way switch(es) in the middle and it will end with a 3-way switch on the load side. Since you only have 1 3-way switch and 2 4-way switches it sounds like there is a 3-way switch missing from this application. Once you find this missing switch you will wire all switches in a similar fashion:

    Black screw - black wire (with power) from the wall
    Brass screw - remaining black wire from the wall
    Blue screw - Red wire from the wall (use the hold in the back and the screw if there are 2 red wires)
    Green wire - ground connection in the box

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