For four years, I have had a Caseta Hub and several switches that have worked without issue. I installed a new PD-6WCL switch for the front porch and set a schedule for it to go on at sunset. At the designated time, the switch LED indicator lights to the ON/100% position, but it does not turn on the actual lights. If I then turn off and on the light (either from the switch panel or the app), then the lights turn on as expected.

For me, the whole value of replacing the old switch with the PD-6WCL was so that it would turn on at sunset. Given that the hub is connecting to the switch, and the switch is responding on schedule, does that mean that the unit is defective? Is there anything else I can do to troubleshoot?

Image legend:
1. Lutron app shows that the porch light should be on
2. Switch shows on/100% but you can see through etched glass that the light is not on, versus
3. When I turn the switch off and on, then the light comes on.

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