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Thread: Lights Back on By Themselves

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    Lights Back on By Themselves


    I am working with a dual-main repeater RR2 system. It is at the latest firmware.

    The scenes are being called by 3rd party integration to the phantom buttons of the main repeater.

    There are two dimmers, that when turned off by a scene, they occasionally come back on by themselves in about three seconds. This only occurs through integration commands, not when turning off at the dimmers themselves. I watched the messages being sent to the repeater from the control system, and only the off scene is being sent.

    Anyone seen dimmers that are told to go off, come back on by themselves?


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    Hi TurnipTruck, if you are going to be back on site, create a support file to send in and an estimated time when this is happening. The event logs from the support file will allow us to see what is telling the loads to turn on. To create the support file please connect to the system and then go to Help -> Support -> Create support file, then email the file that is create to us.

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