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Thread: Looking for Advice Wiring Caseta(PD-5ANS) in 3-Way

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    Question Looking for Advice Wiring Caseta(PD-5ANS) in 3-Way

    Hi Everyone,

    I would like to thank anyone that lends advice in advance as this is the first time using Caseta switch and I'm a little lost!

    I'm trying to wire a Caseta(PD-5ANS) in a 3 way configuration but the wiring diagram provided on Lutrons site and help videos have me a little confused and lost.

    I have 14/3 wire coming into there box(Black, White, Red, and Ground), the white wire on the 14/3 wire was connected to the different color screw so I tagged as described in the online help. I did try wiring the switch in however I left the blue wire off the back of the switch disconnected and wired it as follows:

    14/3 Wire - Caseta Switch
    White - Black
    Red - Red
    Ground - Green
    Black - White

    In this configuration the green led on the switch would light up, but the lights its controlling won't turn on. I did try switching it so white went to white, and black went to black this gave me the same results. I'm assuming all 5 wires off the back of the switch need to be hooked up to get control but I'm at a loss.

    Also if anyone knows if you can use the Caseta(PD-5ANS) in both locations to control the light?

    Again thanks in advance for taking the time to lend advice!

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    You are not able to use 2 PD-5ANS to control the same light. The options available are 1 PD-5ANS and a Mechanical Toggle Switch OR 1 PD-5ANS and a Pico Remote. You can view the wiring diagrams and installation guides for both applications in the Caseta Advanced Installation Guide Linked Below.


    Note: This control requires a neutral bundle to connect to. A Neutral wire would not have been connected to your previous control. Look for a bundle of 2 or more white or grey wires tied together and pushed back in the back of the wallbox. This is what your White Lead on the PD-5ANS should connect to. If you do not have neutrals available you can consider the PD-5WS-DV which does not require a neutral connection in the wallbox.

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