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Thread: Dimmer for four way circuit

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    Smile Dimmer for four way circuit

    Hello Community.
    I am new to home wiring, so thank you in advance for your help. I have a dining room light fixture controlled by three switches. The three switches are part of two gang, three gang, and four gang boxes. I would like to install a dimmer at just one of the three locations (preferable the two gang location) and keep the traditional toggle switches at the other two locations. Is this possible? Or, would I need to replace all three switches with a Maestro and two Companions? Thank you! Kristen.

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    Hello. You can replace a single one of those switches with one of our Diva, Ariadni, Skylark, or another one of our analog-style dimmers. You will need to replace one of the 3-way switches with the dimmer, not the 4-way switch. The 4-way switch is in the middle in terms of wiring. You can tell them apart physically because 3-way switches have 3 wires plus a ground and 4-way switches have 4 wires plus a ground.

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    Thank you

    Hello Kyle. I followed your instructions and the analog dimmer works perfectly. Thank you!

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