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Thread: Illuminations & Windows 10

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    Is this resolved? Anybody tried compatibility mode?

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    I know this thread is a bit old, but if it helps anyone I have been using illumination 1.65 with windows 10 and don't have issues. Windows 10 has some network settings, that if not set correctly will block FTP and Multicast. Make sure your network settings have the PC set to discoverable, or if you have the latest windows 10 update set the network type to private instead of public.

    This is not a firewall thing, you can open every port, or turn off the firewall altogether, if the network in windows 10 is set as public (or PC not discoverable before the update) windows will drop incoming FTP and Multicast packets. Keep in mind the settings for public / private don't show up if windows is trying to negotiate the network, it can take up to 2 mins if you don't have an internet connection.

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    I'm glad you posted this ... I tried running 1.65 on a windows 10 machine I have and it won't load (nothing happens - program doesn't start up).

    I have a windows 7 computer that is running 1.65 just fine, but I need to upgrade it to windows 10. I wanted to check that 1.65 will work on my other computer (same network). No luck.
    Am I missing something? All I did was copy the illumination directory (projects + non-beta) over to my win 10 machine.

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