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Thread: Telnet to control LED Brightness of dimmers or switch

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    Telnet to control LED Brightness of dimmers or switch

    Many dimmers and switch have LED indicators that could be very bright at night, even at low settings.
    In bedroom at night, it might look like a Christmas tree when there are 4 dimmers/switch. Not very convenient to disconnect the dimmer with the FASS (Front Accessible Service Switch) every night.

    For example the Grafik T switch and dimmers only have the settings Low and High on local or through RA2 configuration.

    Is there a setting Off or to a much lower setting that we can send with a specific telnet action?
    I don't find it in the integration manual:

    What about editing the driver for specific units, anyone have tried that? Since RA2 is dead, all these customers with non supported devices (like Grafik T) will be left out of option or are feature request in RA2 software still being considered?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Hello, I can understand how the LED indicator lights can be a distraction or a bother when people are trying to sleep, however the only settings for the Grafik T dimmer as you stated are low and high. If you want further information or clarification please reach out to or call 1-888-Lutron1(588-7661)

    Have a great day!

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