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Thread: Multi Button Pico's

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    Multi Button Pico's

    Do Pico Remotes with 4 or 8 scene buttons exist? There was a competing technology that used to have remotes and keypads - looking for something similar for my lutron caseta system

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    Yes. 4 button. You will have to order from a supply house. Had a 4 button in my bath in the house I just sold. 3 Caseta dimmers. Not programmed through app. Set levels then hold appropriate button until it blinks. Same for each button. I had in this order top to bottom. Night,High,Low,Off.

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    Along with what MitchE recommended, we also have the true Pico Scene Keypads. Here is a link to the spec sheet. Each button can be programmed through the Lutron app for individual scenes.

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    Read the descriptions of the button functions carefully. I don't believe Caseta has a 4 button that will allow you 4 independent scenes. For example, you can't have button 1 do just the kitchen, button 2 do the just dining. I don't do much Caseta and I have been wrong before.
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    The PJ2-4B-GXX-PO1/02/03/EL2 versions of the Pico remote do allow you to have multiple independent scenes. However, keep in mind that the Pico remotes in Caseta do not have the option to toggle the lights from a single button so it's recommended that you have 3 scenes (you can follow Randy's example where you have 1 that turns on the kitchen lights and 1 that does 2 scenes in the dinning room) and the bottom button to be programmed as off.

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