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Thread: Troubleshoot flickering dimmers ?

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    Troubleshoot flickering dimmers ?

    So I have read up on the dimmer and LED capability tool. Here is the back story. I am an electrician by trade and installed Caseta in my home finished Aug 2020. Bridge installed and app on my phone all work well. 15 or so no neutral switches and a few pico remotes.
    I have noticed a pronounced flickering in multiple switches controlled by different circuits.
    I have the Seagull/Generation Lighting 14540s-15 small recess style lights. I also have Ecosmart LED bulbs in a style and candelabra base.
    These lights are flickering mainly on the full range no dim option. This had not been an issue until recently. It happens to both style lights and even my under cabinet lighting which are commercial lighting products.

    I have checked my panel for loose connections. Checked my ARC/GFI combo breakers. I have performed the recall on my QO panel for plug on neutrals. I have checked the voltage coming in at a steady 123 volts. 246 volts across the main. Same as the breakers in the panel. I have checked voltage at one of my dimmers at 123 volts to neutral. The load out of that switch while it is flickering in max at 102 volts. This is where Im asking if that is normal? Switch fully engaged 102 volts to the load out.

    What am I missing since this is now a new occurrence ?

    In the dimming mode I do not seem to have the flickering in the frequency that I see when fully engaged. They do flicker while dim just not as much.
    Neighbor had me install the same system as we have the same home. One set of lights flicker badly. Changed to a neutral dimmer with no change.

    Any ideas?

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    To add I had the utility company out today to load test the service and transformer to rule out possible issues. They will install a monitor system for a week to record any anomalies.
    As it stands now service is within specs

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    All dimmers have a built-in high end trim. It's normally about 10%. 102 does seem low for the max setting. I would expect to see around 110v.

    It's possible you had a surge event that caused some damage to the bulbs, the dimmers or both.

    You may be getting some neutral interaction from another device.

    Double check the bulbs. Non-dim bulbs will make the system to weird things.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    I plan on checking the other dimmers on the voltage as well to compare. I changed to a new set of bulbs while the flickering was happening with no change. I checked the LED compatibility tool and using Ecosmart bulbs. I have not tried a different brand bulb yet but its on my list to try.
    No surge that I can confirm.

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    sweet88gt: I just found this post and intend to follow it. Also, I appreciate the replies you have made to my post (

    The new occurrences, after a couple years of use in your case and >4 years in my case, are head scratching and are indeed difficult to troubleshoot. The one thing we appear to have in common, is the use of EcoSmart bulbs. However, while you are electrician, I know how to turn-on a light switch and how to safely replace a switch/outlet etc., but little else. So in that case, the posting of your experiences is quite helpful....Thanks!

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    I have used Ecosmart bulbs in many applications. Good overall and price point doesn't break the bank. Lutron has always been good as far as dimmers. When I have lights that need specific requirements for dimming Lutron is always recommended for most applications.

    Mine issue is odd. While not all Ecosmart bulbs are compatible with Caseta most do well. I have yet to troubleshoot mine more until the power company puts a load monitor to check for issues with the utility trasnfomer powering my home. The problem could be multiple layers. I have to rule out one at a time to actually find the culprit.

    I have a QO panel that I performed the recall fix for plug on nuetral issues recently. So I have another fold in the book to look into.

    I have tried different bulb manufactures and I am picky on the color of bulb and look of them in specific open glass fixtures I have so that is working against me in some areas.

    Hope I have helped you in your quest so far.

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