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Thread: PD-5ANS not turning light on

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    PD-5ANS not turning light on

    I have two of these switches installed. Single pole switch, not a dimmer. Each switch only controls 1 outdoor light fixtures, A19 bulb type. The switches connect to the bridge just fine. Schedule works fine, except bulbs do not come on. I have tried 4 different bulbs and they will not come on. I had an oddball 75 LED "Great Value" bulb from Walmart and it works like it should.
    So the light switch shows that it is on(LED is brighter). If I start to unscrew the bulb, it will flicker when loose and if I screw it in, it will stay on. If I turn it off with the switch, the bulb will not turn on. Two calls to Lutron, verified wired correctly. Second call the tech told me I needed to use at least 75w LED bulbs for it to draw enough current for the switch to light the bulb. I went and but GE 75w LED bulbs(dimmable even though I'm not dimming the lights) and they still do not work. I'll add that both of these switches are on different circuits/breakers. I happen to have a 40w incandescent bulb and it would not turn on either. So, I have a 75w Walmart LED bulb in there now that works fine. Works on schedule, turns on at sunset and off at sunrise, which is the main reason I bought these. But if I can't find any other bulbs that will work, what do I do when this Walmart bulb burns out?
    I also bought a plug in to operate a floor lamp and it works great,,, and with any of the other bulbs I have.
    Any ideas before I take these switches out and send them back?
    Thanks in advance!

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    I would check the fixture itself. In some fixtures there is a tab in the center of the lamp holder. Some of the bulbs may be long enough to reach it while others may not. You can sometimes GENTLY pry the tab up a bit. Make sure you turn the breaker off or you may say some bad words. Also check for corrosion on the contact parts.
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    When you pull out the FASS tab on the bottom of the switch, does the indicator light on the switch stay ON or does it go OFF? If the indicator light stays on, you need to swap your line and load wires on the switch.

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