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Thread: Sunnata - which to use for bathroom fan and ceiling fans

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    Sunnata - which to use for bathroom fan and ceiling fans

    Hi - I'm installing Sunnata controls through my house. Looks like the normal touch dimmer switch doesn't work with bathroom exhaust fans. Can someone please tell me which product is correct to use for a bathroom exhaust fan? Also need to know which to use for a ceiling fan. I've a hunter fan in a bedroom that has two stitches, one for the fan and one for the light. Don't want to burn the house down.. so any direction on correct products for these applications would be most appreciated.


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    Lutron Technical Support
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    Hello Gregg. If you want to have a Sunnata switch for the exhaust fan, we recommend the model ST-6ANS-XX (XX denotes color code. e.g. WH for white). Sunnata does not have a fan speed control at this time, so we would recommend the ST-6ANS for the fan motor as well. This will only give you on/off control, however, so you will need to control the speed with the pull-chain on the fan. You can use the STCL-153P dimmer for the fan lights so long as they are dimmable and compatible.

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    Will the STCL-153MH work for the lights on a ceiling fan? Assuming that the actual bulbs are dimmable?

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    As long as the fan does not have any kind of extra circuitry that would prevent a dimmer from working with the lights (fans that have a remote control or can't be used with 3rd party controls would prevent a dimmer from working) you can use the STCL-153M to control the lights. We would suggest using lights from for the best dimming results.

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