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Thread: Geofencing Arrival Works In A Limited Way

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    Exclamation Geofencing Arrival Works In A Limited Way

    Over the last week or two (or three), Lutron geofencing arrival logic only seems to work in a limited way for me.

    I have an arrival scene set for a few lights to turn on, and only after sunset. Until a few weeks ago, it worked flawlessly... it always turned on the lights. Now, the lights are not turned on until I am home and have taken out my phone to check why the lights have not gone on. But just doing that turns the lights on correctly... I do not get to actually invoke the Lutron app before the lights are already on.

    My phone is a OnePlus 6, and it has specified location access for the Lutron app as "always", and battery optimization for the Lutron app as "don't optimize". I've turned Lutron geofencing off and on, but that did not change to the way things are working. I have a 1,000 foot radius from my home specified.

    I am wondering if the Lutron geofencing logic has recently been changed? I notice that my phone (Android) updated itself with a new version of the Lutron app dated October 27, 2022, which is just about when I perceive the geofencing stopping to work correctly. Is it possible that it now waits to connect to my home's Wifi? Or perhaps it doesn't check for arrival when my phone's screen is off?

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    I have an iPhone. I had this start to happen when for some reason "low power mode" got turned on. Any chance your OnePlus 6 could have the low power mode / conserve battery power turned on?

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    It seems that Battery Saver (the name OnePlus uses for this function) could affect Lutron, but it was/is not active on my phone.

    I turned off Lutron geofencing for a while, and the Lutron app dropped out of the list of apps that OnePlus says consumed any battery whatsoever. The Lutron app was always a significant battery user when its geofencing was active. This seems to indicate that the app is doing something when geofencing is specified to be active. It's just not working well. I wonder if version of the app is in wide use by Android phones.

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    Can you please submit support logs (along with timestamps of when the geofenced events should have occurred) via the Lutron app so that we may review what, if any, commands are being sent from the smart hub at that time? This will help in troubleshooting the geofencing issue you are experiencing. From the app tap on settings, then select help, and submit a support log. Finally, choose other and input a brief description along with the approximate date and times this was occurring.

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