Hi all,

I'm a commercial sector Crestron programmer. We have a project in which we just integrated a Vive system that included about 90 zones. I am not the Vive system programmer.

From what I can tell, every load is linked to a PowPak RMJS-8T 0-10V Dimming Module, including what are labeled as "color temp" loads which just change the color temp of a zone. I'm not sure if this is just done by turning on and dimming an additional 0-10V yellow channel or what.

The contractor that programmed the Vive system has a separate room for every load and every color. He said that it was impossible to put multiple loads in a room. I don't believe this, but it's what I got. I don't think it matters.

Here are the questions I have:
  • When the sales engineer told Crestron we were integrating with Lutron Vive, they told them we'd need a BACnet license for our CP4, due to the number of devices. However, I found the Vive control modules on Crestron's website, and tried that first. I don't know why BACnet was on the table because, my understanding is that BACnet really wouldn't give us realtime control and that changes might take seconds/minutes to propagate. The Crestron modules only talk to the hub, so I don't know why the number of devices is relevant. In any case, I'm not using the BACnet license. I did not encounter any issues with max number of devices or anything. If there is a limit I couldn't find where this information is published.
  • Control with the Crestron modules is working just fine.
  • One thing about Vive that I can't find is the ability for the end user to create a look and store the current values as a Scene. I found in the Vive hub where you can create a scene, assign rooms/loads to it, and specify the values for that scene, but it seems you have to know the levels you want. Or am I not looking in the right place?
  • Also, most of the rooms have a single Pico remote with two buttons. It seems these are linked to full on and off. Can these be set to turn the lights back on to the last set on levels?
  • Is it possible to unlink the pico remotes from all loads in the Vive hub, but still capture the button presses through the API so I can have Crestron trigger actions instead of the Vive hub? In this way, I can have Crestron store lighting presets, and have the pico remotes recall those presets.