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Thread: Testing individual light states?

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    Testing individual light states?

    I asked this question a year ago and didn't really get an answer so I'm trying again. I know variables can be used for a lot of cool programming ideas. But is there a way to set the state (variable or other) on the light itself and not a button?

    We programmed a Ketra job. When the driveway sensor is triggered the lights to flash green/white letting the owner someone is coming up the driveway. Once the 20 second flashing sequence is complete, the lights either need to stay off or return to being on. In order to accomplish this in programming, we created on/off variables from any button press in the master suite. So if someone turned the lights on before this sequence, the lights would return back to on when complete. But what if someone turned a light on via the app? The app has no way of setting the individual lighting load to a on/off variable.

    It would seem to be easiest if you simply allowed the lights/loads/modules to remember their previous state. i.e. Previous channel button. I know this is a far out request but one that I think is needed. I'm guessing 99% of the dealers won't utilize this feature and probably never use variables (myself included). But certainly one that would be handy.

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    I have done similar but with another lighting system (Crestron). You can attach variable logic to the load itself. I too have seen the need for this in Lutron but dont have a bulletproof way to program it. Although our clients dont generally use the Lutron app- they use our control system app.

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    If you are looking to have the lights go to a consistent level after the sensor CCI is triggered, you could have the CCI operate on a chunk of conditional programming to allow it to turn the lights back to that level. essentially something like

    sensor triggered
    if lights are on
    flash green/white
    return to the consistent level

    else if the lights are off
    flash green/white
    turn off

    This would eliminate the need for the variable elsewhere in the programming and allow for checking if the lights are on themselves.

    We hope this sheds some light

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